Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Evening To All...

Hello there, and welcome to my blog. Well, at least, it's supposed to be a blog. I've never been terribly good at keeping up with blogging. Alas, I shall try again.

A little about me, to start things off. My name is Ada. I'm currently majoring in Creative Writing, and I hope to some day be a published author of something or other. As of now, I'm leaning toward fiction. I try my best to write, and to write at least something every day. But recently I've been feeling under the weather. I think I've caught a case of writer's block, and I don't know what to do about it. The doctor's can't think of any treatments for me, and their advice is always the same: "Wait it out, drink lots of fluids, and rest." Well, I have trouble just "waiting it out," unfortunately I'm not of legal age to drink the kinds of fluids that would free my mind, and rest seems to be more difficult now that I've got a backup of creativity flooding my subconscious. Every time my head hits the pillow and my eyes close, and I feel that I am so close to giving in to the delicious draw of sleep, something stirs my mind. My remedy thus far has been a store-brand benadryl and a good book.

Speaking of books...Well, I'll save that for another time. Wouldn't want to bore you with my first blog, now would I?

Ciao, Ada

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