Monday, July 21, 2008

Fast or Slow?

I've been thinking lately about how people think (re: my latest blog). You know how there are two types of muscles (supposedly)? Fast-twitch and slow-twitch? Well, I'm supposing brains work the same way. There are some brains, fast-twitch, which take everything in and spit out a thought/solution *snaps* like that. They're quick and they think on their feet, but they're not necessarily the best students or the smartest people in society. They don't always get the right answers, but usually they get there (right or wrong) quickly. Then there's the slow-twitch. Their minds take in all of the information, mull over it a bit, and eventually pop out the correct solution to whatever problem they were working on. They're not so quick, and they take a while to catch on to stuff. They're usually at the top of their class and hold the "smart" jobs. They usually get the right answer, but they don't always get there quickly. Each "twitch" is smart in its own right. I believe I'm fast-twitch. Which are you?

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